20 facts on how to stay young and healthy

Knowledge for everyone on how to stay young and healthy

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1. Sitting for more than 3 hours can be shortened your life by 2 more years.

2. Those who don’t do physical exercise are like smokers, their life is in danger.

3. Wind causes blood pressure to drop and Improves health.

4. People who eat Breakfast and dinner outside are more than 2 times more likely to be overweight than others

5. 15 minutes pedaling same as laughing 100 times

6. Eating healthy, doing physical activity and smoking cessation can be reduced the possibility of cancer by 30% more.

7. If less than 7 hours of sleep during the day can affect poor health.

8. Smoking one cigarette is equal to reducing your lifetime by 11 minutes.

9. A can of soda can increase the risk of diabetes by 22%.

10. Exercising and walking can reduce 25% the risk of breast cancer

11. Children eat according to the eating style of their parents

12. Depression makes a person look older than the age

13. In the past 30 years, teenager overweight number has risen about 3 times more than before.

14. A person can get about 52 pounds of sugar from soft drinks on average in a year

15. Eating breakfast every day without fail speeds up the body’s metabolism and can reduce body weight.

16. Sleeping can burn calories than sitting and watching TV

17. All the food you eat digested in the intestine takes about 12 hours to digest.

18. Obesity and heart disease can cause diabetes.

19. Every year around the world 7 million people are poisoned because of death.

20. When sleep deprived, it releases appetite hormones.