5 Ways Frozen Meals Support Weight Loss and Healthy Living

Over the past two years, the pandemic has impacted our daily lives, and consumer priorities have shifted around healthy eating and cooking as more people eat and cook at home.

In addition to changing dietary habits, people have gained weight as a result of the pandemic, resulting in the so-called “Quarantine 15.” According to a study done by Nutrisystem, 76% of people gained as much as 16 pounds between March and July 2020.

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With warmer weather and a sense of normalcy around the corner, many people are focusing once again on their health and wellness goals. Courtney McCormick, Corporate Dietitian at Nutrisystem, says “losing weight and eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard,” and offers these reasons why frozen meals can be that solution you need to get back on track.

Frozen Meals

Frozen Meals are Portion ControlledFrozen meals not only take the guesswork out of portion control and re-teach reasonable portion sizes but single-serving, portio-controlled meals, such as frozen meals, are also a proven method of weight loss, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Many frozen options, including NutriSystem’s new premium meals, are full of protein, which will keep you feeling full longer and stop you from reaching for an afternoon snack. Delicious Frozen Meals are Nutrient-Rich “Frozen meals taste good and are nutritious,” says McCormick.

Many frozen options, including Nutrisystem’s new premium meals, are nutrient-rich and packed with protein, to help you feel full longer and stop reaching for after-dinner snacks.

There has been a lot of attention paid to the inclusion of plant-based ingredients such as vegetables in frozen meals. In these meals, veggies are often harvested at their peak of freshness when they have the most nutrients.

You can prepare a healthy dinner in the kitchen in 20 minutes or less

Meals that are frozen are convenient. Cooking meal prep is no longer a time-consuming task, McCormick says. “You can prepare a healthy dinner in the kitchen in 20 minutes or less.”

Cooking meal prep is no longer a time-consuming

Frozen meals help get dinner on the table quickly. As an added bonus, many companies, such as Nutrisystem, will deliver meals right to your door. Frozen Meals are Sustainable According to a recent article, the average American household throws out about $1,500 in food waste each year.

The USDA has similar data. “We all have good intentions of eating leftovers, but oftentimes they end up in the trash,” says McCormick. With frozen meals, there is no need to store leftovers or over-purchase ingredients. Frozen Meals are VersatileFrozen meals leave the door open for creativity.

Additional vegetables can be added to meals on the side as an accompaniment. Think sliced red peppers with hummus or a Caprese salad. Frozen meals also cater to different tastes and include a variety of different flavors. There is something for every palate with frozen meals.

Now is the time to say yes to focusing on your health and wellness goals and embrace the convenience and versatility of frozen meals. For more information, recipes, and inspiration for healthy side dishes, visit leaf.nutrisystem.com.