6 Tips of health during the rainy season

We would like to recommend some points for health during the rainy season.

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  1. Drink clean or boiled water

Due to the rainy season pollutes water sources, if you drink it without boiling, it will cause stomach problems. Therefore, you should drink boiled water or drink purified water (bottled water).

2. Eat probiotics and fresh vegetables

Gut health is important. Eat the food with lots of probiotics such as cheese and eggs. Probiotics will fight the bacteria in the intestines. To get protein, fiber and other nutrients, you should eat fresh vegetables. Eat vegetables after washing them well. Avoid eating unwashed beans as much as possible (at least after soaking them in hot water).

3. Avoid street food

Street food usually causes diarrhea due to preserve chemical and indigestion due to acidity Also, you can’t be sure what’s in the street food. Vegetables and water used to make food are constantly exposed to humidity and can become contaminated. Unsanitary conditions can expose a person to various infectious diseases, from typhoid to cholera.

4. Eat fruits that boost immunity

Eating an apple a day can cleanse the toxic of liver and boost immunity.

5. Protect from mosquito bites

Mosquito bites can cause life-threatening diseases such as malaria and influenza. You should pay attention to water storage areas, such as watering the flower pot frequently. You should put up a mosquito net when you go to bed.

6. Check your health regularly

If you suffer diseases such as cold, sickness, joint and muscle pain, you should have a health check-up with the relevant medical staff. You can know the details of your illness only after consulting a doctor. It’s so important to take care of your health and get checked out by your doctor.

Please pay attention to the above points and have a healthy family life.