Homeowners Let the Sun Shine In With American-Made Solar

For further than a decade, homeowners have embraced going green in colorful ways. Now, a growing number of consumers are choosing American- made solar panels for their homes — and the solar installation assiduity is roaring.

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Presently, about 13 gigawatts of solar electric capacity have been installed civil — enough to power further than 2 million homes. Emphasizing this trend is that 82 percent of people who responded to a recent solar check said they support making solar panels on American soil.

“ We ’ve all heard about the significance of manufacturing to the American frugality,” said Robert Fortunato, whose California home hosts 26 solar panels made by SolarWorld in Hillsboro, Oregon. “ We named ourU.S.- made solar system for its quality, trustability and fiscal return and because we suppose it’s important to support American workers.”

To this end, solar installers and electricians offer a range of domestic products.
“ We made a decision at PetersenDean to only reference our solar products from North America. As a result, we ’re supporting the American frugality, supporting American workers and reinvesting those bones back in America,” said Jim Petersen, author of PetersenDean, a civil solar and roofing company.

According to assiduity experts, then are the top four reasons that homeowners elect solar panels from American manufacturers

• Quality and trustability

A domestic solar system is, in effect, a power factory on your rooftop that’s designed to last at least 25 times. Consumers trust American solar manufacturers to stand behind their product guarantees because these companies rank high in measures of quality, responsiveness to bond claims, availability for client service and compliance with safety conditions.

• Sustainability

For those Americans who are “ greenies,” there’s little sense in buying a solar system made in Asia and packed on a diesel- burning weight boat half around the world. Rather, homeowners are concluding to buy select American- made solar panels, produced according to strict environmental, labor and quality norms, to reduce environmental impact.

• Energy independence

Solar power represents an important tool for achieving energy independence for theU.S. Just as people believe the nation shouldn’t have to calculate on the Middle East for imported canvas, numerous feel that America shouldn’t depend on foreign nations for solar technology and manufacturing.

• American job creation

TheU.S. solar manufacturing assiduity employs thousands of Americans across the country. Studies show that technology and manufacturing jobs, with comparatively high stipend and benefits, are the types of jobs that theU.S. should aspire to produce and maintain.