How to control and manage Emotional Intelligence EI?

Nowadays, people are faced with a lot of unpleasantness and troubles such as diseases, bad business and jobs, and other bad political situations. People’s mental possessions have been affected quite a lot. No matter how good your IQ is, if you can’t control your emotions, it’s hard to succeed.

There are basically 4 types of emotional intelligence EI. These are:

(1) Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is knowing oneself. This level is the first level and there are 2 types of self-awareness. You have to know your body. Knowing your body can affect your emotions.

So, let’s start by saying that knowing the inner mind is currently happy or unhappy or depressed or greedy or grievous? Review yourself first to see what is going on inside of you. This is to meet your mind first.

Next, knowing your body, for example;

–          currently sick and thus missing work?

–          Lack of professional skills for the job and having a hard time at work and unhappy?

–          easily tired and cannot do things like others?

You need to see those things is called self-awareness.

After this, the secondly,  

(2) Self-Management

Self-Management is managing the things you learned in step 1.

When planning this, if you are depressed, think why are you depressed. For example, because of lost your job, or because there are deaths in your family, or are you worried about the future?

Be sure to understand external factors like environmental effects that you cannot control which are not in your hands.

comparing yourself to people who are worse off than you and thinking that you are not as bad as them. Meditate to calm your mind and always practice being positive and thinking about your goals.

Learn from the failures of successful people, etc … to keep your mind stable.

Think about what you need to fulfill, learn what you need to learn, and be strong in your mind that you will definitely try to be a healthy person even if you are being weak. Always be careful not to waste time with bitterness. Consult with someone you trust who understands you well and get advice from them.

(3) Social Awareness

Social awareness is that people can’t live alone, they can only be successful if they are in good company with others. When working with people in the workplace, there may be good people and bad people, so you need to listen to the emotions of these people and be careful not to do bad things to others. So, you have to listen to the emotions of those who are good to you, what are they upset about, what is not working well at work, How do they grow up? You have to empathize and understand how others want to treat them. At the workplace, you have to study the emotions of people below you, people on the sidelines, and people above you. Be careful of people who are bad for you, give sympathy to them thinking that they are jealous because they can’t take care of themselves, and they are greedy in the workplace.

(4) Relationship Management

Relationship management is about controlling your emotions and interacting with other people comfortably. And try no longer to have a bad attitude toward others, learn to improve yourself, help others, be happy in the workplace, and get along with all people. These are the concepts that can improve your Emotional Intelligence and EI.

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