Interesting facts about Irrawaddy Dolphins

Interesting facts about Irrawaddy Dolphins are as below:

  1. Irrawaddy Dolphins are mammals and they need to breath air

At first glance, Irrawaddy dolphins look like fishes. However, they are mammals like all dolphins and whales. Irrawaddy dolphins do not have gills and they must breathe air to survive. They come up above the surface of the water to breath.

2.   Can stay underwater a long time

They can stay under the water for up to 12 minutes without needing to come up to the surface of water to breathe.

3. Unusual habitats

They inhabit both salt water and fresh water. They can live along the coastal line of the oceans and in the rivers as well.

4. Remarkably short noses

Unlike other dolphins, Irrawaddy dolphins have short-beaked creatures.

5.      Catch fish by spiting water

Irrawaddy dolphins can spit water from their mouths over 1.5 meters. They use this ability to catch fishes easier by forcing fishes into smaller areas.

6.      They prefer small groups

Irrawaddy dolphins preferred to be in the groups of 2 to 5 individuals.

7.       They help people fishing

Irrawaddy dolphins making mutualistic relationships with humans. The dolphins chase fishes into nets for humans. In return, the fishermen rewarded the dolphins with some fishes as a portion of the catch.

8.  Irrawaddy dolphins don’t like noise

Noise pollution from boats along the river disturbed to these sensitive dolphins. They dive deeper into the water when they have noisy environment.

9 . They are important in Cambodia and Laotian culture

Irrawaddy dolphins are believed by Cambodia and Laotian people to be the reincarnations of ancestors. Some people even assume that dolphins save the drowning villagers and protect people from attacks by crocodiles.

10. Become endangered species and have been protected

According to illegal fishing, these dolphin populations are lesser and becoming endangered. Governments have protected these populations by establishing special zones and limited human activities which are harmed for them. These efforts are helping to increase the dolphin populations and on the road to recovery.

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