Landmarks in Thanlyin – Kyait Khauk Pagoda

Kyait Khauk Pagoda is one of the most popular sightseer lodestones in Thanlyin bearing the design of the notorious Shwedagon in Yangon megalopolis. It’s said to have was for further than 2000 times which serves as the religious place of Buddhist religionists in Burma and across the globe.
The city where the golden abbey located is Thanlyin – a place where the currents of the Bago and Yangon River meet.

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Positioned in the south of the rural city, the Pagoda like Shwedagon was erected on the crest with the base girdled by variety of small stupas. Kyait Khauk Pagoda was repaired and enlarged by 18 Lords until gaining its magnific appearance moment. The whole complex also includes some structures from British Raj bringing the colonizer feel to the decor and overall atmosphere.
Kyait Khauk Pagoda has its own jubilee which is one of the most various and intriguing bone in Myanmar. It’s held annually in February offering a wide range of the original products similar as the traditional sun protection paste – thanaka, attires, food and crockery. What’s further, numerous conditioning will take place in this fascinating jubilee as well as the amazing amusing evening shows promising to give every sightseer a great time just like sharing in the fantastic county show.