Remote Areas Embrace Satellite Internet to Work from Home

The COVID -19 pandemic has accelerated the growing trend toward working from home. Many people who had never worked from home sought reliable Internet access to work, organize distance learning, and participate in virtual social activities.

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Even as the pandemic subsides and more workers return to their personal workplaces, employers and employees recognize that the workplace model has changed and demand for Internet services is likely to remain high. However, reliable, affordable Internet services remain a challenge in many parts of the country, particularly in rural areas.

CNET, a leading global consumer technology media company, recently named Viasat the 2021 Best Satellite Provider for Rural Internet Services in the U.S. because of the company’s high speeds, large data volume, and affordable Wi-Fi equipment rental rates.

Many people who lived in remote areas before the pandemic, as well as those who moved from the city to the countryside during the pandemic to have more space, discovered that they can get their work done effectively without having to commute if they are connected to reliable, high-quality Internet.

Satellite Internet

In a recent survey conducted by Viasat, users in these remote areas indicated that email is the most important Internet service they need to work from home, followed by the ability to make video calls, and satellite Internet supports these functions.

In addition, many older people in remote areas found that reliable Internet access provides security and connection to family, friends, and medical care. 66% of respondents in these remote areas said they would like to work from home in the future if given the choice. Satellite Internet services enable residents of remote areas to work from home and stay productive. For more information, visit