Self Happiness

Normally, whenever i’m stressed, I wont to travel, read at a restaurant , go night out, hop festivals and social gatherings, or eat in with friends, lover or relations so as to scale back the strain and feel happy.

Now, during a stay-at-home period due to COVID, we are all stressed due to the financial condition and health condition.

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Have you heard this saying before?

“If you would like temporary happiness, find a partner. If you would like lifetime happiness, grow a tree.”

As the trees produce oxygen, wouldn’t it’s better for inhabitants of the cramped urban apartments to be ready to produce their own oxygen?

Although it’s tough for people living in apartments to plant trees, tree lovers find alternative ways like planting trees with clay pots in their balconies.

However, don’t feel encouraged if you’re the beginner.

“Now, you’ll plant trees in water without using pump and every one .”

In a time like this, you’ll use the leftover portions of the watercress or mint branches without costing an additional .

The process is straightforward . Use the water bottle/ foam/ paper box and canopy them with a bag , fill with water and plant. because it is best to use soil, we will use the sand, or dust which we get from sweeping the ground or leftovers from peeling ginger, onion or garlic from the kitchen as soil.

We can already eat the leaves from the trees as soon as they begin producing roots, shoots, then leaves as they’re not grown on the bottom . And, it’s not only exiting to get the various stages of a tree but also peaceful and serene. i might really recommend to undertake out planting trees.

As i might wish to share the post of an individual who plants trees within the water as i personally plant trees in my yard .