The benefits and methods of growing aloe vera at home !!

Nowadays, almost every home grows aloe vera. Planting aloe vera does not take up a lot of space and is very helpful for beauty and health by growing it inside your home.

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How to plant aloe vera?

The more the soil is loosened, the better the plant will grow. From sandy soil to loamy soil, it can be cultivated. Aloe vera can be planted as a whole plant or cut the small ones. Plant it with a mixture of soil, sand, and charcoal. The cactus loves sunlight the most, and the reason why the leaves are full of flesh is that they get enough sunlight. But at the beginning of the seedling’s life, it can’t bear the impact of strong sunlight. There is no need to water frequently in summer.

You can grow in balconies, cool rooms, and corridors by planting in small pots, it absorbs the heat in the room. If you keep it in your bedroom it can clean the air. It is one of the plants that can be grown in one’s home without needing to give a lot of space.

Health benefits

Aloe vera has amino acids, and fat It strengthens the immune system, improves the heart, and detoxifies. It is useful for skin treatments and is used in beauty products.

People produce it as jam, A palm tree, diuretics Colonoscopy Asthmatics Special relief medicine for stomach pain for health purposes as well as cosmetic products such as juice, shampoo, and jel.

Diseases that can be cured

B12, which is not found in any plant, is found in aloe vera and is very beneficial for health. The following diseases can be cured.

1) Eye pain/bite by covering the eyelids with the jelly yolk. hot Hi, Alleviating irritations.

(2) Juice or thinly sliced ​​and cooked to make menstruation regular and clean the uterus.

(3) Herpes sores can be cured by applying the jelly.

(4) running, Healing skin diseases such as cloves.

(5) Stomach ache; Alleviating indigestion.

(6) including colon cancer; Stopping the growth of cancer tumors.

(7) Stomach ulcers; Heartburn In addition to health benefits such as reducing diseases such as constipation, it also cures other diabetes.

If aloe vera is boiled with natural ingredients such as honey, it will make women’s skin beautiful and healthy, and it does not require much space.

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