The most strangest rocks around the world

There are many strange natural phenomena in the world. From there, we will present about the most strangest rocks around the world.

1. The golden rock, Kyeit Htee Yo

The Golden Rock from Myanmar

The Golden Rock is a 20-meter-tall boulder in Myanmar’s Mount Kyaiktiyo that is perched on a rocky spur and appears to be perfectly balanced making it one of the most strangest rocks. A Buddha’s hair is preserved inside the 7-meter pagoda that bears the mountain’s name (Pagoda Kyaiktiyo) and which was constructed over 2,000 years ago. This priceless artifact, according to folklore, is what maintains the boulder perfectly and miraculously balanced.

One of the most popular Buddhist pilgrimage sites in the nation is this enormous rock that is entirely covered in pure gold. Each year, thousands of tourists and devotees visit this holy site in order to touch a gold leaf on the stone as a sign of devotion to the Buddha, which brings good luck and prosperity in return. 

Regrettably, only men are permitted to touch the stone and offer prayers; women are not permitted to even get close to it.

2. The enormous split rock from Saudi Arabia

The Split rock from Saudi Arabia

The enormous sandstone boulder, known as the Al Naslaa rock formation, is located in the Tayma oasis in northwest Saudi Arabia. It is one the most strangest rocks on the world because the split was so clean and precise, seemed it was caused by an alien visit to Earth in the distant past. Geologist Cherry Lewis, however, asserted that the split was a natural occurrence and likely resulted from “freeze-thaw” weathering.

3. Masuda-no-iwafune in Japan

The enormous rock known as Masuda-no-iwafune, or Rock Ship of Masuda, is supposed to be in the Japanese village of Asuka. Its function is still unknown and it is located atop a hill close to Okadera Station. The largest of the mystery rock mounds, the rock ship is composed of solid granite and measures 11 meters (36 feet) by 8 meters (26 feet), 4.5 meters high (15 feet). It weigh around 800 tons as it stands. It is a sculpted mound with two holes in the centre, each about a meter square.

No one is aware of who carved it or why, but it contains two hidden holes in the centre.

4. Naka Cave in Thailand

The NaKa Cave From Thailand
The most strangest rocks formation – Naka Cave- Thailand

The Naka Cave is well known for looking like a giant snake. The fact that Naka Cave also contains a snake’s head and scales is what makes it so well-known. Also, there are paintings and decorations on the interior walls of the white cavern, which have a snakeskin-like pattern. Geology has established that the snake-like pattern on the rocks was caused by a mixture of thermal expansion and contraction and water erosion.

The cave is not just a significant natural wonder, but it is also a holy site since many South Asian religions, including Buddhism and Hinduism.

5. the Giant Causeway in Northern Irelands

The most strangest rocks formation – Giant Causeway – Irelands

Although the magnificent columns of Northern Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway appear to be a work of architecture, they are entirely natural. Around 50–60 million years ago, a flow of lava erupted through cracks in the earth, causing it to form. As the molten rock cooled and shrank, it cracked into about 40,000 columns, the majority of which had nearly flawless hexagonal forms.

But it has long been unknown at what temperature the cooling lava cracked.


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