To Keep Oceans Clean

Oceans water become dirty

The oceans that used to produce food, medicine, and recreation are now polluted with plastic particles. A sick ocean can also cause many negative effects on humans. For example, it kills germs, causing water pollution; causes algae poisoning. Of course, they affect human health. The ocean is the last place to receive human waste on land, so human waste accumulates every year in the oceans.

About 80% of all living things on Earth live in the oceans; If those organisms are poisoned, they will affect land animals in one or another way. Direct exposure to water-borne infectious diseases and toxic algae is sure to result in the release of toxic chemicals into the ocean, with dire results.

Global Warming and Human Behaviors

Global warming causes sea levels to rise. Seaside local communities are directly affected. The coastal area is the pesticide used in agriculture on land, It is a place where plant nutrients accumulate. As the sea level rises, these pesticides and chemical solutions are re-entering the coastal area with salt water. Again, people suffer unexpected health consequences. As the water recedes, the aquatic organisms are once again affected by the oxygen-depleted water, oxidized by chemical drugs. Chemical solvents dumped by factories and industries are the worst cause of the ocean’s ill health.

Clean Oceans on the World

According to the latest research, Pacific Northwest, Western Indian Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Middle East remain the healthiest.

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