Underwater town in Myanmar – KyunHla

The old town of Kyun Hla

The old town of Kyun Hla is now an underwater town in Myanmar. It is located in Kangbulu District, central Sagaing Region and is located between 500 and 1500 feet above sea level. The area of ​​the township is 1010,563 square miles. Kyung Hla Township covers an area of ​​1980 square miles and large forests surrounded the town. In 1996, Kyung Hla Township and 73 surrounding villages were forced to relocate for the purpose of building the ThePhanSeik Reservoir and the town became the underwater town in Myanmar.

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Old town of Kyun Hla – clock tower
The clock tower of Kyun Hla

ThePhanSeik Reservoir

The construction of ThePhanSeik reservoir completed in 2001. ThePhanSeik Reservoir high in 180 feet , length in 22587 feet , it has 2,880,000 acre-feet of water stored in the reservoir. The amount of electricity production is 30 megawatts. It can able to provide irrigation water to the nearby towns and villages, and able to provide hydropower to 43 surrounding villages. The water from thePhanSeik Reservoir can supply more than 70,000 acres of summer crops.

ThePhanSeik Reservior

Voices of displaced residents

“Due to the dam, the lives of our residents have been ruined, and there have been many changes. Some have to start life over again, The people of our town faced two lives in their lifetime. Due to these conditions, there are many wounds in the hearts of the resident people of the town,” said KyunHla town resident.

Another resident said – “The townships located southern part of the Thaphan Pey Dam have been able to drink irrigation water, so crops have grown and living standards have risen. But, the relocated Kyun Hla Township, has not been able to get out of its low standard of living.

Fascinating old underwater buildings

When the water recedes, stupas, clock tower, ruined wells, and old tombs can be seen again, and the displaced villagers come to see their old buildings with nostalgia.

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